Finish your invitation sets with our computerized addressing envelopes digital calligraphy printing services. Have your guest addresses, your return address, reply envelopes and your place cards digitally printed for a unique and elegant touch.
Having us digitally print your addresses envelopes or place cards saves you time to focus more on the core custom design of your invitations and stationery.

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How to create your guest list in MS Excel:


in the document must be a header row, not a blank row, should be Name. i.e.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cohen

The second row

in the document must be a header row, not a blank row, should be addressed, i.e.

500 Cedar Lane, Suite 5

THE fourth ROW

in the document must be a header row, not a blank row, should be COUNTRY, i.e. 


(if you have out of state guests)
The third row

 in the document must be a header row, not a blank row, should be


 Teaneck, New Jersey 07666

calligraphy list-Excel File
calligraphy list-Excel File


How to create your address list in MS Word

You can create the list using Windows Notepad, Word Perfect or any similar word processing software.

Type each entry with a hard return after each line and double space between each entry. The entry should be exactly as you want it to appear on the envelopes.

Here are a few dos and don’ts:

Type your list as on continuous column

keep the lines of each entry together vertically

Do not use headers of footer’s

Do not use any database tables

Do not use all capital letters

Do not insert any page breaks

Type the text exactly as you want it to appear on your envelope – do not use unwanted abbreviations

Spell out words like “and”, “New York”, New Jersey”, “Street”, “Boulevard”, “Lane”, “Apartment.

Your finished list should look like this:

  • Ruth Cohen
  • 500 Cedar Lane
  • Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
  • Ms. Alyssa Feely
  • 5252 Sylmar Avenue
  • Beverly Hills, California 90210
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark Grimes
  • 2782 Circle View Boulevard, Apartment 20
  • Atlanta, Georgia 30350

Once your list is complete, save the file in “Text only” or Plain Text’ Format. You can copy the text and paste in email box and click on send to:

Uploading or E-mail your file:

E-mail your guest list as an attachment to

and drop off or mail your envelopes to:

  • Cohen Printing

  • 500 Cedar Lane

    Teaneck, New Jersey 07666

    If you are in the NJ or NY area you welcome to drop off your envelopes at our store. Please call or email before you arrive.After we receive your address list and envelopes we will make minor changes if we see obvious etiquette or spelling errors or if the spacing is an issue. For the most part, your envelopes will be printed EXACTLY from your list. Your envelopes will be printed within two hours from the time you e-mail your guest list and drop off your envelopes.

    Remember to include at least 5% extra for spoilage. Any unused envelopes will be returned.

    Make your special event stand out with beautiful custom digital calligraphy! Because addressing your envelopes with digital calligraphy is available for any budget.

    When you are ready to order, just click on one of the links below and follow the customization to create your digital calligraphy envelopes.

    To select the font for your envelopes click on the links below:

     Digital Calligraphy for Envelopes

    Digital Calligraphy for Reply Envelopes – RSVP Envelopes

  • Digital Calligraphy for Place Cards – Seating Cards

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